Nellie Bly

Nellie BlyFrom Sidelines to Headlines:

The Intrepid Nellie Bly

How often does one get the chance to converse with a historical heroine? Here’s your chance to hear from her own lips the life story of pioneering journalist Nellie Bly!

In the living history program From Sidelines to Headlines: the Intrepid Nellie Bly, a costumed Sharon Twickler portrays the Victorian journalist on a lecture tour following her record-breaking 72-day solo trip around the world. In this hour-long program, Nellie reflects on the challenges of proving herself in the male-dominated newsroom followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Sharon has portrayed Nellie Bly at the Greater Astoria Historical Society, QED Astoria, and the Barnum Museum. The program is enlightening and entertaining for all, from young, budding journalists to seniors.

Talk to Sharon about having Nellie speak at your school, community center, or museum.